9:00 | Back to the Source Meditation

Michelle Woo + Tony Patrick, and Sister Peace; S.O.L.E.

The founders of S.O.L.E., a For Freedoms offering, will lead a group meditation. Letting go of what might be on our minds, and starting the day in the same head-space, together.

9:15 | Welcome & Opening

BJ Miller, MD

9:25 | The Evolution of a Relationship

Clancy Blair, PhD and C. Cybele Raver, PhD

When illness enters the picture, partners need to navigate the changes in a relationship from couple, to “patient” and “caregiver”. What changes over this time period, and what new ways are there to connect and find love and safety?

10:00 | Choose Your Own Adventure

Ben Trappey of University of Minnesota with Chris Adrian

Narrative medicine is a practice used with patients and families, but it’s something all of us can tap into at any time. In conversation with Chris Adrian, Ben Trappey will cover the importance of “story” throughout our lives, the science of story, and thinking about how to change your story.

10:30 | Occupational Therapy for All

Emily Silverman, MD, and Natalie Crittendon, OT (MH)

How and where can clinicians take helpful cues from their colleagues? Emily Silverman and Natalie Crittendon discuss learning to sit with pain and suffering, as a clinician, in order to help them to sit with the pain and suffering of others.

10:55 | Intersection of Architecture, Health and the Human Process

BJ Miller, MD & Michael Murphy, Architect, Former CEO of MASS Design Group Board of Directors

Physical spaces for care are designed for the institution, but ultimately are experienced on an individual level. BJ Miller and Michael Murphy discuss how our clinical spaces compare to our homes, and how might we think about design of spaces for death and dying.

1:10 | Seeing Differently

Ladybird Morgan, RN, MSW, Wendy MacNaughton, Artist and Chris Adrian, MD + MDiv; Mettle Health

Psychedelics are a new and novel way that people are alleviating their fear of illness, death and dying. But they’re not yet accessible to all. Ladybird Morgan, Chris Adrian and Wendy MacNaughton discuss other ways to can tap into thinking, and seeing, our reality differently.

1:40 | Multiple Losses, There is No Return to Normal

Bridget Sumser, LCSW and Tom Grothe, RN, NP; Mettle Health

There are multiple aspects of grieving: the difficult and painful, as well as the hopeful. Bridget Sumser and Tom Grothe discuss how to engage with the losses we all experience on a daily basis and honor them so that when we get to bigger losses, we are better prepared for their effect.

2:10 | Death and Dying in a Tech World

Hospice Nurse Julie, (Julie McFadden), BSN, RN

The ability to share information on social media is notably more expansive than in a traditional clinical setting. Julie McFadden will speak on using online tools to educate the general public on death and dying; and what clinical settings can learn from this mode of dissemination.

3:05 | Changing the System: A New Approach to Incentivizing Care at the End of Life

Tim Peck, MD, CareScout

Our healthcare system is not broken. It was designed poorly and is working exactly as designed. It’s time to consider a redesign, and to reframe dying as a movement of economic empowerment that also brings dignity to our final years.

3:20 | The Day it All Changed; Embracing the Journey

Vivian Tipton, Executive Director, Hospice of the Foothills

A personal story of loss and the incredible gains received by exploring and reaching out for tools to examine the many aspects of the dying process and of grief.

3:45 | Let’s Talk About Sex

BJ Miller, MD and BJ Miller, MD and Karen Schanche, LCSW, Psychotherapist

The world of touch is a spectrum that helps us feel alive. BJ Miller and Karen Schanche cover sensuality and the senses, potent tools to bring you back into your body and create connections to yourself and others around you.

4:15 | The Fruits of Death

Claudia Pena, Executive Director, For Freedoms

If life is a gift, what can we say about death? What is beyond loss and pain? Just before a plant dies, it offers up its last few seeds with the hope of new life. Death always provides fruits for us to harvest but to acknowledge them is often anathema to the torch of love we carry by way of grief. Let us explore together the many fruits we've been provided by the loss of our most treasured loved ones.